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The thing about Emily’s parents is they did take a little bit of license and create two characters that are different from her actual parents.

I ran a cheese store for a couple of months while I was up there, then it shut down, so I moved back down to New Orleans.

We've never really gone above an intro class, but we do riffs on themes sometimes with classes — sour beers, stinky beers or funky beers.

A video you released recently has gone pretty viral. S: When I moved back up to Philly about a month before Katrina, this woman who worked with me at Martin Wine Cellar also moved up to do a bunch of internships involving film things.

I had to be that someone else—just be the straight man, 100 percent just stand there and let them do their thing. Romano: I wouldn’t say he agreed totally with everything I pitched, but whenever he would try to explain to me, “No, it’s probably better this way,” he was right. Sometimes it’s just like, “Do it again, do it again.” I thought Michael was very thoughtful.

I’m just saying exposition, and basically every time I spoke, this girl would be like, “Woooo! I was impressed by how much he knows about the character and the story and all that. He really had a reason for everything he was doing, and could explain it and discuss it and was open to being convinced if you didn’t agree.

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  1. and Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) today announced results from a recent survey showing that single smokers may want to consider breaking up with their cigarettes as they look for that special someone this year.