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""Meeting, Mating, and Cheating carefully chronicles the fascinating history of online dating services and exposes the ethics, economics, and efficacy of matchmaking for every conceivable taste.Andrea Orr personalizes the quest for a partner with compelling individual narratives." --Shirley P. D., ABPP, author of "NOT "Just Friends": Protect Your Relationship from Infidelity, and Heal the Trauma of Betrayal ""Meeting, Mating, and Cheating provides insight into a facet of the Internet phenomenon that is both fascinating and alarming.Now, Andrea Orr uncovers the real Internet dating revolution, in all its many forms.This book reveals Internet dating at its most intimate, following people who are struggling to find soul mates in a sea of singles.

While they believed that attractive, feminine women were more likely to have been unfaithful, those women had not necessarily cheated on partners in the past. Paradoxically, though, men suspect women with very feminine voices to be more likely to be unfaithful, and women expect men with very masculine voices to be more likely to be unfaithful (O’Connor et al., 2011). Kate Walsh, Amy Brenneman, Mark Ruffalo, Matt Groening, & Tommy Lee, and thousands of gals around the globe, who were ready to ‘Get Flocked’ and find their Lovebird, just like you have loved it, and we think you will too. The women of the world are so fortunate that Lauren Frances has written her brilliant MANifesto!No longer do we need to wonder about anything male- this genius researcher has cracked all of their ‘codes’ and made their mysterious, wild ways no longer confusing.Alcohol consumption may also be linked to an increased likelihood of flirting with individuals other than one's primary partner (Buss and Shackelford, 1997). How to Find (and Keep) a Partner Who's Less Likely to Cheat While the signs that a partner may be more likely to cheat are relatively quickly observable, the factors associated with a likelihood of infidelity may take longer to observe. So far away from one’s partner, yet so close to romantic alternatives: Avoidant attachment, interest in alternatives, and infidelity.

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Interestingly, when both partners work, rather than just one, the risk of infidelity is also reduced (Fincham and May, 2017).

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  1. Despite Yom Kippur’s somber character — and the scriptural prohibition of sex during the 25-hour holiday — many look forward to Judaism’s holiest day as an opportunity for romance.