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She said: 'Most men think it's cool and impressive, but others I think becomes a little scared.'Maybe they think it's too 'manly' - but if they can't handle a girl with a chainsaw they need to toughen up!'After sharing her snaps on Instagram, Gunn has built up an army of admiring followers amassing almost 50,000.If you’re looking for Firefighter Challenge Coins, you’ve arrived at the perfect place.Challenge Coins 4 Less is your source for the best Firefighter Challenge Coins you can get.Overall people are positive and curious.''For me, being a firefighter is normal - my friends tell me I have 'boy humour' and I think I'm a little more 'handy' than most girls.'But when I'm off work, I still love to dress up and be 'girly'.'Four years ago, super-fit Gunn also decided to become a personal trainer - and now when she's not saving lives, she's pumping iron in the gym.As well as working as a full-time firefighter, Gunn does Cross Fit, strength training, running, swimming and football with the men at work.​​ DETROIT – A firefighter in Detroit was fired for bringing a watermelon to a predominately black fire station, WJBK reports.Robert Pattison, 41, was a probationary firefighter at Engine 55.

They treat me like any other firefighter.'As a firefighter I work 24 or 48 hour shifts, so I have a lot of free time - I like to work and stay active.'To do my job I need to be in the best shape - it's a lot of heavy equipment, and going into a house fire can be exhausting.'Gunn admitted some men find her job intimidating - but it doesn't hold her back.

It’s tradition for the new arrivals to bring a gift when they first start out as a way to greet their new team.

Most people bring in doughnuts, Second Battalion Chief Shawn Mc Carty told WJBK.

The firefighter says that people are often taken aback by her profession but it was her ambition for years.

'When I applied for the job in the fire department my mom said: "I have never heard of a female firefighter "'Most people think it's cool and inspiring - it's not common to be a female firefighter so people get a little confused when I tell them what I do.

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