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Jefferson Community [email protected]: Enrollment Services Constance, Eric (1999)SBDC Director B. S., SUNY Oswego [email protected]: Foundation Danforth, Lawrence (2008)Assistant Professor, Mathematics A.

A., Northern Arizona [email protected]: Humanities Barney, Sandra (1993)Adjunct Advisor A. E., University of [email protected]: Humanities Bartlett-Bearup, Tina (1998)Administrative Assistant A. Ed., Concordia [email protected]: Continuing Education Division Boenning, Peter (2005)Associate Professor, Social Science B. A., Texas A&M [email protected]: Social Science Booth, Robin (2014)Library Clerk A.

S., Jefferson Community [email protected]: Financial Services Coates, Robert (2017)Laborer HS [email protected]: Facilities Cockrill, Whitney (2014)Technical Specialist A.

S., Columbus State [email protected]: NYS Small Business Development Center Covell, Larry (1992)Professor, Business B.

Joseph's College of [email protected]: Nursing Draper, Andrew (2012)Instructor of Mathematics B. S., Western Governors [email protected]: Mathematics & Engineering Dupee II, Daniel (2007)Vice President for Administration & Finance/Treasurer B.

A., Columbia [email protected]: Administration & Finance Dyer, Dean (2000)Instructional Technology Specialist B.

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