Jquery validating textbox

The commented-out codelines associate the Validation Summary with a named Validation Group.

Use the "custom" validation rule that allows you to implement a custom validation function for server-side validation.

The following example creates two text boxes and a button.

A button click checks that at least one of these text boxes is filled.

I came across an interesting little validation problem on my current project.

The site is for members only – and in order to become a member, you need to be nominated.

Required Field Validators won’t do, because either one can be left empty. First of all, the Custom Validators in the ASPX page: Note the empty Error Message in the second validator.

If you need to validate the readonly input then I can suggest to explicitly call the validate Input method.All group validation errors can be displayed in the Validation Summary widget.The following code shows how to add this widget to a page.Their values are concatenated in the get Value function.Each Dev Extreme editor allows changing its validation state and error message using the is Valid and validation Error options, which enables you to use any validation engine or custom validation logic.

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