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The Money Laundering Regulations 2007 require banks and financial institutions, such as PPRO Financial Ltd, to ensure that they know their customers, conduct customer identification and verification, and undertake ongoing monitoring where applicable: To increase your identification level from IDV1 to IDV2, click on the yellow link ‘Upgrade identification level’ after login under ‘Settings’ in the menu. Please pay attention to the instructions on the screen, so we can verify your documents successfully and increase your identification level.

While we we follow a 24h customer service policy, and our identity verification systems are designed to minimise any inconvenience for you, the verification process may take several days to complete.

You may find that you are asked to confirm your identity and other personal details.

Viabuy has developped special verification systems (IDV levels) for your prepaid Mastercard card to prove your identity in a quick, easy and customer friendly way.

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These regulations put in place certain controls to prevent regulated UK financial institutions, such as PPRO Financial Ltd from being used for money laundering purposes by criminals and terrorists.

Depending on your situation we will need different documents for proof.

Please reach out first to customer service, if you want to upgrade your account to IDV3 before sending any documents.

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These include appointing a 'nominated officer', checking the identity of customers and their source of funds and storing all relevant documents.

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