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America is packed with holes-in-the-wall ranging from comfortably scuzzy to terrifying.In selecting the single best dive in every state, we focused our attention on established dives that are on the friendlier side of surly, institutions where most drinkers will feel welcome, even if they're slightly uneasy when they order their first shot. even that one guy who thought it was a good idea to put "Don't Stop Believin'" on the jukebox.Its annual highlight is the mullet toss, a competition to see who can throw a fish furthest across the state line.But like any self-respecting Southerner, Flora-Bama still reserves Sundays for church, when it plays host to the weekly Worship on the Water services.This iconic roadhouse on the sand looks like the result of M. Escher's Redneck Period, with staircases, hallways, bars, and music stages all arranged with no apparent order, but still in perfect harmony.It's one of America's great unrefined treasures, a place where bikers, sailors, and snowbirds drink bushwhackers side-by-side with nary a mention of any of their differences.With dive bars in hip cities increasingly faced with the wrecking ball, the Kingfish's survival is something of a Cinderella story...provided Cinderella's voice was too raspy from Virginia Slims to sing properly, and her mouse friends were actually rats. The ceilings still require a tall man to duck upon entry and the intense shuffleboard games rage on.

And if they did, it was the first time that it happened in decades.There's even non-PBR beer available now, and the well whiskey shares a shelf with a surprisingly robust selection of brown liquor.But the essentials remain: the pool tables and foosball, the cheap drinks, aloof staff, and blaring music.Cheap drinks and an eclectic crowd are part of why anyone who’s lived in Miami for more than a year makes this their bar of choice in South Beach -- even if you do smell like stale whiskey and cigarette smoke for a least two days after. -- Spend more than a couple of days in Waikiki, and a lot of things start to get old. But that’s your total, and those painfully cheap drinks are why you’ll find the best crowd in Waikiki at Arnold’s.Once a gas station and grocery store, the Northside has spent the past four decades as Atlanta’s darkest, dankest, smokiest dive bar, a place where neon lights and the sound of loud, live blues blast out of the barred-up windows and through the tattered front door. If you want an escape from your tropical escape, Arnold’s is the place.

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