Republicans intimedating voters

Both are records for indoor boxing events, topping Muhammad Ali vs.

The paid admission will be 20,655 and overall attendance will top 22,050, according to Alan Hopper, director of public relations for Don King Productions.

" For a moment, his title defense on Saturday night was secondary to the mutual admiration shared between Beaumont and its favorite son. I had good times n and some bad times n here," Spinks, who did not graduate, told a crowd of hundreds of students, teachers and administrators.

"It was right here that I learned to achieve the goals I wanted to achieve. Beaumont kept me on the right track, and I expect you to do the same.

"While the smears piled up and the lies were exposed, John Mc Cain spent six days in silence and on the seventh day said we should have a sense of humor," Obama spokesman Hari Sevugan said.A war-mongering, racist, sexist, hate-filled, old, idiotic, rude, and bigoted man.Atleast we are safe in this part of the world from Fundamental Islamic Terrorists who are killing innocent people in Asia, intimedating people in UK and other parts of Europe.The ruling MMD has urged its general members and citizens at large to support the newly constituted cabinet.MMD Spokesperson Ben Tetamashimba says the new cabinet deserves the necessary support to deliver to peoples’ expectations. Tetamashimba told ZNBC news in Lusaka, Sunday that President Rupiah Banda has ushered in a cabinet of hard working and dedicated men and women.

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