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Anna was stood looking carefully at the packaging of a vibrator.

As soon as he saw her, Jack's thoughts of Ellie instantly vanished. She wore cowboy boots and a pair of short, tight denim shorts today. Jack could see the beginning of her cheeks peeking out underneath her shorts.

Her black heels pronounced her smooth silken legs and calves. She looked directly into his eyes as she moved her body in close for another of her tight hugs.

He glanced down her shirt as she got closer and he could see deep cleavage before a white frilly bra.

"Hey sexy," Anna turned and said, " thanks for coming down." "This place is unbelievable." Jack responded, trying to take in all of the goods for sale in the back room, "I thought she just sold women's clothes." "She started selling sex toys and sexy role play clothes and then moved to regular clothes.

He switched off the engine, removed his seatbelt and glanced at the clock. The buzzer went off to unlock the door almost instantly. The room hadn't changed since his last eventful visit. Her tight black skirt stopped at her knees and had a slit along the side that showed off the outside of her naked, tanned leg. You must have enjoyed your last visit," she said whilst moving in close to him.He could make out the frame of her sexy body under her t-shirt.Her hair was tied up in an untidy way which meant parts of it hung loosely around her neck.There were wall to wall coverings of different things.On the left, there were handcuffs and whips, nipples clamps and tassels, soft ropes and a huge variety of sexy dress up clothes. There were vibrators, a huge assortment of dildos and other fake cocks.

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" "Oh no Jack," Ellie smiled at him, "I have a second part to the store beyond the changing room corridor." Jack looked confused.

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