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The list is endless, come back and ask more questions.

Where was the job, Australia is the size of Europe in land mass and varies.

I would probably do a big pro's and con's list (I always do this) it always helps me when deciding on something. I always think it's better to try something and for it not to work, than spend your life regretting having never given it a go.

Good luck with your decision, and remember if you did decide to go and it turned out that it wasn't for you, you could always come back yes it would be a lot of stress sorting everything out again but it is doable. I know that moving further from family would be tough, and I'd feel awful 'taking away' our parents grandchildren. I would love to move to Australia and would go given the chance!

It is a very different life I must warn you and you will need time when you settle.

Visa's stop at age 44 so before then if you are going to go.

I'm aware of the visa limitations and haven't even begun to explore the financial implications or even more so the emotional implications.

He doesn't realise the sleepless nights she's had (I think as she feels she may never see them again).

He's self employed as a mechanic and has been over there helping a customer out.

On the phone last night he said that basically he's been offered a job with a fantastic salary and would a move out there be a possibility for us.

Private education is much much cheaper than here as it is part subsidised.

There is an a similar version of free health care called medicare running to the NHS with a parallel private health system that if hubby's salary is high enough he will be expected to have private health insurance or he will have to pay extra tax.

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As earlier reply said you need to weigh up all pros and cons.

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