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On 14 February 1881, Rowland Plumbe was appointed Consulting Architect to the Artizans Company, with a brief to prepare a third estate.

A leading architect of the period, Plumbe had primarily been a designer of hospitals, such as the London Hospital, In April 1881, the Artizans Company inspected sites at Fulham and "in the vicinity of Alexandra Park" in the Tottenham Local Board.

Clearly there is a tension between a historical Grade I listed building and it functioning as a lively active church.'But Church of England cathedrals have fared a little better than churches on the whole and have seen a steady increase in attendance of 30 per cent from the turn of millennium to 2013 - a growth of approximately 3 per cent on average each year.

Noel Park in north London is a planned community developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries consisting of 2,200 model dwellings, designed by Rowland Plumbe.

Despite damage sustained during the Second World War and demolition work during the construction of Wood Green Shopping City in the 1970s, Noel Park today remains largely architecturally intact.

In 1982, the majority of the area was granted Conservation Area and Article Four Direction status by the Secretary of State for the Environment, in recognition of its significance in the development of suburban and philanthropic housing and in the history of the modern housing estate.

A licensing company responsible for giving churches the green light to install the modern systems said tens of thousands are in the process of moving to a karaoke-type system which can cost up to £50,000.

Mosques and other temples are said to be investing in the modern systems, though it is not all plain sailing.

A third London estate was planned at Cann Hall, and a site of 61 acres (0.25 km However, the Queen's Park project suffered serious mismanagement and fraud; the company secretary William Swindlehurst and two others were found guilty in 1877 of defrauding £9,312 (approximately £805 thousand today) from the project.From 2003 to sometime in 2009, the name was also given to a small park near the southern edge of Noel Park, formerly known – and now known again – as Russell Park.One of the earliest garden suburbs in the world, Noel Park was designed to provide affordable housing for working-class families wishing to leave the inner city; every property had both a front and back garden.The Artizans, Labourers & General Dwellings Company (Artizans Company) was established in 1867 by William Austin.Austin was an illiterate who had begun his working life on a farm as a scarecrow paid 1 penny per day, The company was established as a for-profit joint stock company, with the objective of building new houses for the working classes "in consequence of the destruction of houses by railroads and other improvements".

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The Fulham site was rejected as too prone to flooding, and the Wood Green site rejected as being too far from any centre of population.

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